The dance group

The Leőwey Dance Group was founded in 1973 by the students of the German Section of the Leőwey Klara Secondary School.

The members of the group are of German nationality origin, this fact determines its profile.
Our main purpose is not only to collect German dances, songs, folk customs, national costumes but also to put them on stage. We try to produce a varied programme so we
have Hungarian dances in our repertory as well.

The group regularly participates Hungarian and foreign festivals as well as the Helikon Festival.

During these
45 years the group has become one of the noted representatives
of German folklore in Hungary.

The group has also been rewarded by the prizes gold medal, first place and ’High Standard’. In 1998 and in 2004 it was qualified excellent on the National Performance of Dance Groups.


Helmut Heil

Artistic director, choreographer of the Leőwey Dance Group: Helmut Heil